BUDAPEST 2008-07

HEY EVERYONE;-) wow, i think, since im flying around in europe (and soon around the world) im on the best way to descover the earth:-) last friday (19.07.08) claudia and me spoke together about going for 2 days away from here to change bit. so we thought about going to budapest. hmm, i realy wanted to go to the sea, and so i thought, that budapest was just at the sea. however... we booked the flight, no, we wanted to book it.... next day, we knew, that the flight left at 7.50 am. however, we went to the check in, and the woman there told us, that we still didnt have any ticket. we immediatly knew why. hehe, we were only on the passenger list, but we didnt book yet, so we had to go to the operation center (our meeting center before we leave to the airplane to work) and had to make a new ticket. after maybe 10min we had our eticket printed out which was the entrance to our weekend;-) so we went back to the check in and she could checked us in, even the plane were leave in 30min. anyway, we made it. we had our seat even if we were flying standby with our staff discount;-) through our advantage we also could get a 5star hotel for very cheap. however, we had just a great time in budapest. the city was amazing and we enjoyed every moment we had... we went for a sightseeing by bus and than by boat. we were realy like tourists as it should be;-) on the way back home, we already spoke about, which city we still wanna see once, during we are flying both around the world;-) hope, you are doing well so far and again, thanks a lot, that you keep on visiting my blog;-) cheers