TOKIO 2008-10

Hi everyone;-) finaly i had my first longhaul flight. well the destination wasnt that nice but i realy like the longhaul flights. its completely different than the short distances;-) jep, i went to tokio, which was the first time for me i have been there;-) we arrived in the morning, local time after 12.30hours flight. it was quiet long but we could sleep during 3hours in the crew bank, which was very nice eather.... however, the next day i went to tokyo city on my own. i took the train from narita, which is just at the airport. after a 1hour drive by train i arrived in tokyo. i had a map but even then i thought to walk like this trough the city. so i walked during 3.5hours just like this. i saw some nice building but nothing else... so i went back to the hotel. after that day i must say, that tokyo is nothing special for me. i think, you realy have to know, in which places you should go in that big city. the people are very kindly and just easy going;-) however, next time im gonna stay at the hotel in narita and just walking through the park there.. but how i said, i like the longhaul flights very much and im looking allready forward to the next flight;-) cheers