DJERBA 2008-10

Hi everyone;-) wow, the last week passed very quick. it was the first time, i ever booked some all inclusive vacation. which means, that you recive a sort of brasselet at the hotel on the first day. however, these holidays were just amazing. we had the most of time very nice weather and we spend some hours at the beach. the rest of the time we just discovered the country side of that little island by car and we also went one day into the country of tunisia. as you can see allready on the picture, we ride 3 times a hourse, which was awesome, cause we went along the beach and also in the country side. i must say, that tunisia is a beautiful country, even if the people there try to sale everything and they even run after you, if you dont recognize them;-) however, we were just shocked about the weather here in switzerland when we came back, the cold, the snow, just unbelievable.... even if we only had 2weeks vacation this year, i enjoyed it very much and im looking forward to work again;-) hope, you are doing good so far and see you soon;-) cheers