BRISBANE 2007-10 (28.10-16.11)

After 5hours by busdriving, i finaly arrived in brisbane yesterday. im gonna stay longer in here, cause i try to find a job. a already had a jobinterview today, but it wasnt that good. it was a job for customer services in differents branches. im not that sure in my spoken english yet, so i told them, that im gonna see if i can find some other jobs. i realy dlike to work in a hotel or cafe or even in a restaurant. well, tomorrow, iv got another interview, which sound quite well. it is gonna be for a work in a restaurant as a waiter. so im looking forward for tomorrow:-) i walked a lot today through the city, to get it know better. well, it is not that nice, but i find it even nicier than sydney. is mor quit in here and the people or not as rush up as in sydney. is kind of small city. so, the next step is to find a job and than to find also an acommadation. i think about, sharing a flat with someone else. well, ill see, how is gonna be tomorrow... im doing bit better, even i miss all of you guys and especially joelle. its quite hard, to leave someone, which u r in a relationchip whith. but we defenetly keep in contact together, which is great!!!! ok, guys, hope, everything is ok in europe:-) cheers subal

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