Wow, even if i still am looking for a job i went today to the biggest koala "farm" all over the world.. it is like a national park, very huge. i realy like those cute koalas and i thought, im going to watch them in there... the place is about half an hour away from brisbane by bus. so tina (she is a german girl and got also her boyfriend at home in germany) and me went there. i made a lot of pictures;-) i thought about going there last week already, but it was more important to looking for a job. however, i went today, which was sooo nice. we had also a very nice weather;-) i know, that it is allready snowing in switzerland.... i also saw some kangaroos and some other cute pets. you will see it in my gallery. have fun by looking those pictures;-) im doing not so good, have fever at the moment, but no worries, its gonna be ok in a couple of days... hope, everthing is doing ok in europe... cheers, subal

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