SURFERS PARADISE 2007-11 (20.11.07)

Hey buddies:-) hope, you are doing still well in europe.... even the cold weather and the snow. i am now close to surfers paradise, in southport, which is about 2km from surfers away. since 5days we are here now and still, we are looking for a job. i had one yesterday. it was a job as a kitchenhand. i ate a pizza the evening before there, asked them, if they are looking for someone to work, and so i got this job. so i went there and worked 3hours. it was the worst restaurant, ive ever seen!!! i had to clean the kitchen and saw some kackerlacken... it was just worse!! even the food was not in the fridge, no, it stayed outside all the time. the cook took the food (vegetables for making pizzas) from the day before... it was just not nice. even the salary was quite bad. i could earn 8!dollars after tax an hours, which is very bad. today, tina and me found a job in the callcenter. we will do this job, until we got another one. they pay us well and we can work there about 5hours a day. we have to make calls overseas and speak french, german and english as well. so we gonna start on thursday. i am looking forward, cause this kind of job i made already once in switzerland. and so i can earn money and still keep on looking for other jobs:-) so, i made some new pictures as well. surfers its pretty the same than ibiza in europe. its just like a party place and city. it isnt that nice and the people are just drunk all the time. so thats why we are staying outside... however, i am doing not to bad and i am enjoying the beaches in here. we have arround 30degrees at the moment and its just nice, cause the beach is about 10min away from the hostel.. so, i let you know next week, how things are doing down here:-) cheers subal

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fmz said...

Hi Sub, that pizza place story was some scary shit. Checking the kitchen now every time before eating out at a restaurant now..? I bet you do.

That call center stuff sounds good. Here at least your talents (i.e. languages) pay off.

Tell us a bit more about other things, you always write about the weather and the job hunting!

Greetings from Oslo,