PERTH 2007-11 ( 24.11. - ?)

Hi everyone:-) i am in perth now since 2days. the city is very small but also very nice. we came by plane from brisbane, it tooks us about 5hours.... it is amazing, cause after 5hours flight, we are still in the same country:-) perth is really a beautiful city, it is very mixed up by differents cultures and the people are for sure much friendlier than on the eastcoast... we also have great weather (35degrees) and we just walked bit arround, to get know more about the city. today, we are gonna looking for jobs and hopefuly, we gonna find one. i am doing well, still traveling with the germans guys, which is very funny:-) we found a nice cute hostel, where it has a lot of "kakerlacken" arround, but well, it is ok. all hostels are booked out, so we gonna stay in this one for a couple of time i think. this week we also think about going to fremantle, rottnest island and some other small little places... ill let you know about our plans, when its sure.. so, i made some pictures yesterday from the kings garden, botanic garden and the skylines of perth. so have fun by looking them and ill put some more on it, as soon as i did some:-) cheers subal

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fmz said...

Hi Subal, liked your last post, you sound much more positive about Perth! Maybe it's Australia's hidden secret, underrated and too far off from the main attractions... And facebook tells me that you have a job (on a boat?) now. Tell us more.

I had my hardcore exam yesterday, am still shaken (and a bit sick, had a few drinks too many after the thing was over...). Otherwise doing fine.



P.S. Kakerlake in English: "cockroach". Ugly things. Ask Dad how to deal with them, he grew up in Brazil...