just amazing!!!!!!!!!! hi first of all;-) uff, i finaly had a day off today. so yesterday i called my chief to ask her, if she would mind organizing tickets for the farry to go to the rottnest island. so she did and we could go this morning. the trip one way took about 1.5hours.... it was very nice on the boat, cause it was quit warm already at 9am. after we arrived, we just walked along the beach.. ROTTNEST IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I EVER BEEN SINCE I AM IN AUSTRALIA! as you will see on the pictures, its just amazing. we had a beautiful weather and we just enjoyed to be on beaches, where no one else was.... we were a little group, which was nice either. i enjoyed my day very much!!!!!!!!!! it was realy awesome today. i didnt write any comments on the pictures, cause they are looking all pretty the same. but just enjoy them, cause it is amazing;-) i am doing well, have to work in the next 4 day at least 41hours!! but no worries, im gonna manage it and so ill have off a couple of days next week. hopefully at least;-) it is a shame to see the christmas decoration during the summer time, isnt it? no, i am kidding, but it is very unusual, to see some christmas trees, as it has in perth at the moment. but well, i dont realy care about that;-) cheers subal

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