G'day again;-)
uff, finaly i passed all exams during the four weeks in the course. but still, there is one big exam waiting to be make in three months. however, until then im gonna fly arround in europe and im realy looking forward;.-) the last four weeks were quite havy but also very interesting. and now its gonna b learning by doing which is gonna b difficult as well;-) but im sure, that ill have some very nice crews and that they r gonna help me out, if i get some problems;-) hmm, this month, i dont have that much nice destinations, however, its my job and im sure, that im gonna have some very nice destinations next month;-)
well, last thursday i decided going to venice. cause a friend of mine, we were in the same course, is living there. so she asked me, if i wanna join her friday eavening by car. i said, yep, why not;-) i never been in venice before. so another friend of mine came with us. it was a nice trip by car down to venice;-) the first night, we spent at alessandras place, THANKS A LOT FOR EVERYTHING BY THE WAY AGAIN;-)!!!! saturday we, claudia and me, went to the hotel. cause alessandras husband is working in the hotelbranch, so he organized for us a beatiful room in a 5star hotel at the river;-) after 2hours, claudia and me found the hotel finaly. it was just great, as you can see on the pics;-)
it was also very nice to relax after those four weeks hard working. venice is a very nice place to spend a couple of days. nice little caffees and restaurants;-) sunday (2.3.08) we went back to zurich by car again. so it was very short but very intensiv and nice as well;-)
i wish you lot of fun by looking to the pictures;-) im doing well so far and im realy looking forward for my first flight as flight attendant;-)

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