HELLO AGAIN AFTER A VERY LONG TIME;-) claudia told me a couple of days ago, that i maybe should write something in my blog again.. well, thats very true i thought, cause she wasnt the only one telling me this. so thats why, i wanna let you know, how things are going on in my life, and how i am doing at the moment;-) working as flight attendant is realy nice but also very hard. i can see a lot of new places, i never saw before even if i have only a nightstopp at that place. however, its a shame that i cant show you any new pictures at the moment, cause i couldnt do any. how comes? well, the problem is, that usually i arrive at about 11pm in the hotel and i cant get up early in the morning. so i prefere sleeping longer in the morning.... thats why. well, this month, june, its gonna b much better, cause i have a lot of early nightstops, which means, that i arrive at about 2pm. so than im for sure gonna visit the city and some nice places. im looking forward, thats for sure;-) otherwise, im doing very well, bit tired at the moment, cause im working a lot. for some of you it doesnt sound like im working hard, but the hardest part in this job is the take off and landing every day. but how i said allready, i realy like this job and im thinking about becoming maitre de cabin (perser) next year. cause swiss are looking for people doing this and id like doing this. the other thing is, that i use work as male nurse until now. and swiss is very happy about it and they aksed me, if id like working once in the training school we have as well. however, i dont know yet how long im gonna work as FA but ill see what im gonna do. to b awenest, i miss bit the job as male nurse. in september, hopefully, we gonna have another course to be able working for long distance as well;-) im looking forward to this as well, cause than i can fly arround the world and not only arround europe. there is still a problem, or its more a shame. its realy difficult beeing in a relationship with this job, especially when both are working as FA. but until now its ok and we can still see each other a couple of days a month... we, claudia and me, are looking for an appartment for the 2nd august. so if you know someone or a flat, just let me know;-) ok guys, ill let you know about myself, as soon as i have some new pictures in my blog. until then, i hope, you r doing well and im looking forward, to see you soon;-) cheers subal


Claudia said...

Wow, so patriotisch kenni di ja na gar nid! ;-) ich schicke das Föteli gad de Eveline Anliker, denn beförderet sie dich direkt zum MC. :-) love you, big hug!

maicher said...

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