MOSKAU 2008-06

HI AGAIN;-) uff, finaly, we now can realy enjoy our new flat. we finished with the installing and got almost everything we needed;-) i had a nightstop in moskau last week. the whole crew went in town. well, it tooked about 1hour to get there but it was nice weather. i never have been in moskau (in town) before. lets say, i wouldnt recommend it, but it was nice to see it. the "red place" is realy special. it looks like in a movie, all these buildings. but to be honest, i realy dont like the russians. they are unfriendly and they also never smile. however, i still made some pictures;-) so have fun by looking them;-) cheers


Claudia :-) said...

es isch eifach uuuuunglaublich! wieso döfet alli uf moskau wo eigentli gar nöd wänd und ich (wo minnerläbtig na nie in moskau gsi isch aber immer hät wöle) hocke permanent z'genf und z'london?!? ;-)bi chli iversüchtig, ha di aber trotzdem mega lieb *knuddl*

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