FRASER ISLAND 2007-10 (25.10-27.10)

Hey guys:-) wow, i just spent 3 wonderful days on the fraser island. the fraser island is the biggest sand isle on the earth. it was just amazing, that i was on this island. i made a guid tour, even you could make a own drive tour also. i thought, it will be more sure, to do a guid tour, than without a 4xwheel truck, you cant drive on this island. and i dont know how to drive a car like this. there is no road on the island. everything is only sand. the isle is just beautiful. our group had about 35peoples. we had a lot of fun together, even i didnt feel all the time very happy. i didnt have any reception there, which means, i couldnt check eighter my mails or sms. so that what bit hart, to be away during 3days, where you cant reach anyone. specialy with joelle, it was such a shame, we couldnt have contact during this time. but we made it and everything is ok now:-) wow, i realy dlike to go there once again at least. but its gonna be on a other time. now, im gonna go to brisbane, to find a job there. it shouldnt be a big deal, to find a job there. so im gonna stay bit in brisbane, which isnt that nice place to stay, but we will see:-) im doing well so far, im just bit scarry about finding jobs. i defenetly have to earn some money... well guys, the fraser island is defenetly a must, once you are in australia. but im sure, there are a lot of other nice places all over the country. cheeers subal

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