BYRON BAY 2007-10 (21.10-24.10)

Hi everyone:-) So, i spent 3 days in bayron bay. it is such a nice place to be and to relax at the beach. The have a lot of beaches and they are kind of paradise for surfers, even its not the name of the place. cause surfers paradise is about 15km away from here... the hostel i was, is very cute. its a bit a funky place to stay. the people are very freaking out every eavening, but i was serious and went to bed by time. cause im still very tired, i feel like sleeping the whole day... a well, im doing ok, thats the most important:-) so, byron bay is like a very expensiv place to stay. the hostels at the eastcoast are very expensiv around 25dollar a nite!!!! i went to the lighthouse, as you will see on the pictures. i made a lot of pictures this time. it was such a nice walk over to the lighthouse. i walked again a lot (about3hours). wow, im geting sporty, if im continuing like this:-) so here in byron bay you will meet a lot of different surfers people... but i didnt met a lot yet.... tomorrow, ill go further up by bus again. im going to hervey bay, which is about 100km from brisbane away. there im gonna stay one nite, than im gonna go to the fraser island during 3 days. i booked this tour, cause id like to see bit something of australias most beatiful places to be. after those 3days, ill go back to hervey bay and than to bundaberg. its about 50km away from there, and i hope, ill find a job in a farm there. kind of fruit picking job or whatever. even if im gonna stay in a farm-family would be nice and an experience... ill see, what happen there. oh, i forgot, byron bay got the most easterly point of mainland australias... so, those are my plans during the next couple of days. im doing not to bad, bit worry about finding a job. im miss you a lot, but its gonna be ok.... the weather is fantastic here at the eastcoast (30 degrees celcius). hope, you are doing well and dont hesitate writing me emails, ill answer, if i can:-) take care, big hug subal

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fmz said...

Wow Subal, the pics are great and I am terribly jealous for the weather.

Good luck with the farm job. What's the plan after Fraser Islands? Will you be returning to Sydney?