NEWCASTLE 2007-10 (20.10-21.10)

On the way to brisbane, i stoped in newcastle. i stayed only one night there, cause the city wasnt that nice. i went to a nationalpark (blackbutt reserve), where i saw my first koala and also kangaroo:-) it was quit nice... i made some pictures, but it doesnt work this time, to put it in my blog. so please klick directly on the link, to get to the pictures... newcastle is a very industrial city, the people wherent very kindly. but the nature and the beach was nice. i went to the beach, but it was quite windy... jep, i walked, everthing together, around 12km in one day. for me its a lot:-) so in the eavening i took the bus again to go up to byron bay, which is just before surfers paradise and brisbane. im gonna stay here for 3 days, i found a cute hostel... but after 11hours of bustrip i have to sleep first bit. in the afternoon (now it is 10am here) im gonna go down to the famous main beach. ill see, what happen there. the nightlive must be nice also here, how i could understand a person telling this. so, i hope, i can put a next day a picture in this post. i wish you a nice time in europe and hope, u r doing as well as me:-) take care

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