SYDNEY 2007-10 (17.10-19.10)

Hi all together:-) finaly, i arrived in sydney. well, i allready arrived yesterday, but i still getting trouble with the chatlag.... but anyway, the trip down to sydney was well. even if i couldnt sleep very well in the f..... plane. the last 2 days, i just walked arround in sydney, to discover this city. i dont realy realise, that im here allready, but its gonna change for sure:-) the city is not that beautiful as i thought, thats the reason, why i didnt make that much pictures. 2morrow, ill take the bus to go up at the eastcoast in direction of brisbane. im gonna make a stopp in newcastle and than up to the friser islands... im realy looking forward:-) im doing well, even that i miss joelle very much.. but i think, its gonna b oke and we write a lot of emails together. so, i hope, u r still gonna check my blogspot, ill promise u, that ill taking more pictures of the coast. but sydney is realy not that specially... ok guys, big hug from me and i hope, u r doing well. see ya:-)

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