Hi everyone, wow, after 25years, i went for the first time in my life to india again. we flew to delhi and one week later we flew to bombay as well. however, i told the whole crew before the flight to delhi, that i am on the way to my native country after a long time. they were all together very understanding. when we arrived (after 4.5hours delay) in delhi, i had some very strange emotions going trhough my mind. i was sort of crying at the airport. had to be allone for a couple of minutes. all these people there, the smog (you allmost couldnt see anything) and all this noise.... and than i thought, wow, now you are finaly in your native country, you were born here. what a nice thought. the crew was waiting by the bus, which brought us to the hotel. the captain told me: "take the time you need to arrive here". i was very impressed about the crew and specialy about the captain. after about 15minutes, we went to the hotel. first i slept, cause i didnt feel myself fit. when i woke up, it was dark outside allready... it was a shame, cause i couldnt make any pictures. in delhi, you shouldnt go by your own outside when its dark allready. so i stayed in the hotel. i was sort of disapointed about myself, but i knew, that ill come back in one week.... ...bombay had much less smog than delhi. the flight was ok. but i was such sick, had a strong fever and sore throat, so i slept also the whole day in bombay. thats the reason, why i didnt make any pictures until now. however, im looking forward flying to india again and hopefuly someone gonna join me than to make a city trip either in delhi or bombay. i was very happy, i was there now and how i wrote, it was both time very emotionaly for me. maybe it was also better like this, cause i can now discover my native country step by step. i promise, that the next time ill take some very nice pictures. thanks a lot for your understanding. cheers subal