Hy everyone;-) wow, im sooo sorry, its been now a very long time ago, i wrote in my blog. however, first of all, i wish u a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!! since i wrote the last time, i have been 3times again in india. the last time, it wasnt nice, cause in delhi they had to much smog, so i couldnt go outside at all. anyway, im allways looking forward flying to india;-) even emotionaly im doing well so far in this country;-) we went to barcelona about 1month ago (claudia and me) just to spend some days there..... it was very nice at the begin until someone has stolen my bag;-( well, i had everything in my bag and i was such pissed off about it. i had to organize everything again, when i came back home.... passport, all creditcards, driver lisence, keys everything. we made some pictures, but my camera was in the bag as well so i cant show you them, which is a shame. i cant fly to the us eigther, cause i have to make a new visa for the us again, which takes some days to do it. so far so good;-) im doing very well even if i have a sort of cold at the moment, but i think its normal with that kind of job. we spent the 31st december at our place together with some friends. it was very nice and we had a lot of fun;-) thanks for that;-) claudia and me gonna spend some days in sao paolo.. im looking very forward to that. we wished to have that flight together and we have it;-) just perfect.... however, ill let you know more about it as soon as im back home after that trip. so, i hope, you are doing well so far and im looking forward to hear from you;-) cheers