SAO PAULO 2009-01

;-) hi again! wow, i cant believe, how fast the time can can pass;-) i really was looking forward to the trip to sao paulo, and now its gonne already;-( it was awesome! claudia and me, we made that flight-wish, so we could have that rotation together. we really enjoyed it, and it was our first longhaul flight together;-) we had about 38degrees and even during the night it was about 25degrees. when we arrived (after 11.30hours flighttime), we had some caipis (i must say, that they werent as good as my father one's). however, after that, we had some sleep and went out in the evening having some dinner. wow, its awesome how many meat the can eat in brazil.... we had to get up at 5.00 a.m the next morning to do the turnaround to santiago de chile. it was very nice there either, even if we couldnt see that much except the airport. than, the next day, we went to the beach which was about 1.5hour away from sao. it was just perfect;-)we spent allmost the hole afternoon at the beach, it was so hot there;-) in the evening, we had some dinner again and the next evening we left back to switzerland again. so we spent some awesome days in sao paulo. i havent been there since 20years.... i realy enjoyed the time there and we had a great crew either;-) im looking forward going there again, but the next flight is going to dares- salam (next to nairobi). i'll let you know, how it was;-) cheers