NEW YORK 2009-04

Hi again;-) wow, it was so freezing in new york. when we arrived, it was raining like grazy. and the wind was soooo cold;-( however, i went by walking through the city and it was very nice. the next day we wanted to visit the empire state building, but we desided to make a sightseeing tours by bus after we saw the big waiting line in fron of the building. however, it was awesome beautyful;-)

CHICAGO 2009-04

wow, was just awesome;-) the last time i have been in chicago was in 1996. we went up in the 99th floor in the sear tower. had great weather and a great crew as well. just before take off, it started to snow;-( however, im looking forward going to chicago soon again;.-) cheers

2nd TIME JOBURG 2009-03

Hi again;-) well, i went to joburg again, 3days after i came back from there;-) it was just awesome again. i saw some other animals than last time. as you can see on the picture, i could kuddle with baby lions;-) it was just awesome. a friend of mine came with to joburg and she enjoyed as well the trip to the "klein africa park". it was realy nice and im looking already forward, going there again;-)

JOBURG 2009-03

hi everyone;-) i know and im sorry as well, that it has been a long time ago, i wrote in my blog... last week, claudia and myself went to joburg, south africa. she came as a passenger (could travel both ways on business class) and i had to work;-( after a 10.5hours flight we finally arrived in joburg. a view hours later, marc picked us up at the hotel and we went to the "little africa park". there we made a sort of safari trip by car during 2.5hours. it was awesome beautiful!!! we could see so much different animals and we even could cuddle with elephants;-) the weather wasnt that nice but ok. after that trip we went to "la bastida lodge". it is a dutch family (marcs parents) how is working there. very nice people;-) so we spent an amazing evening togehter and the cooked for us as well. it was a shame, that we were so tired. but it seems to be normal, cause joburg is 1800meters high!! its true, i couldnt believe that.... however, the next day, we went to a touristic market close to the lodge. and than we had to go back to the hotel, cause it was quit late already. 3hours later (6pm) we had already pick up and went to the airport back... flying home.... but we were both (claudia and me) very impressed about the south africa. it is completly different than the north part of the country;-).....


Hi;-) i have just been the first time in my life in africe. wow, tansania is a awesome country!!! so much beautiful nature you can see there and also the people are very friendly there;-) there is an island very close to the hotel. you have to take the boat to go there (about 20min away). that island is huge with some wonderful white sand on it;-) it was about 40degrees hot and even the water was very clearly and we spent the whole day there and cold relax perfectly. unfortunatly we had already to fly back in the same eavening. hopefuly im gonna go back there pretty soon, cause it was realy awesome!!!!! cheers;-)

SAO PAULO 2009-01

;-) hi again! wow, i cant believe, how fast the time can can pass;-) i really was looking forward to the trip to sao paulo, and now its gonne already;-( it was awesome! claudia and me, we made that flight-wish, so we could have that rotation together. we really enjoyed it, and it was our first longhaul flight together;-) we had about 38degrees and even during the night it was about 25degrees. when we arrived (after 11.30hours flighttime), we had some caipis (i must say, that they werent as good as my father one's). however, after that, we had some sleep and went out in the evening having some dinner. wow, its awesome how many meat the can eat in brazil.... we had to get up at 5.00 a.m the next morning to do the turnaround to santiago de chile. it was very nice there either, even if we couldnt see that much except the airport. than, the next day, we went to the beach which was about 1.5hour away from sao. it was just perfect;-)we spent allmost the hole afternoon at the beach, it was so hot there;-) in the evening, we had some dinner again and the next evening we left back to switzerland again. so we spent some awesome days in sao paulo. i havent been there since 20years.... i realy enjoyed the time there and we had a great crew either;-) im looking forward going there again, but the next flight is going to dares- salam (next to nairobi). i'll let you know, how it was;-) cheers


Hy everyone;-) wow, im sooo sorry, its been now a very long time ago, i wrote in my blog. however, first of all, i wish u a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!! since i wrote the last time, i have been 3times again in india. the last time, it wasnt nice, cause in delhi they had to much smog, so i couldnt go outside at all. anyway, im allways looking forward flying to india;-) even emotionaly im doing well so far in this country;-) we went to barcelona about 1month ago (claudia and me) just to spend some days there..... it was very nice at the begin until someone has stolen my bag;-( well, i had everything in my bag and i was such pissed off about it. i had to organize everything again, when i came back home.... passport, all creditcards, driver lisence, keys everything. we made some pictures, but my camera was in the bag as well so i cant show you them, which is a shame. i cant fly to the us eigther, cause i have to make a new visa for the us again, which takes some days to do it. so far so good;-) im doing very well even if i have a sort of cold at the moment, but i think its normal with that kind of job. we spent the 31st december at our place together with some friends. it was very nice and we had a lot of fun;-) thanks for that;-) claudia and me gonna spend some days in sao paolo.. im looking very forward to that. we wished to have that flight together and we have it;-) just perfect.... however, ill let you know more about it as soon as im back home after that trip. so, i hope, you are doing well so far and im looking forward to hear from you;-) cheers


Hi everyone, wow, after 25years, i went for the first time in my life to india again. we flew to delhi and one week later we flew to bombay as well. however, i told the whole crew before the flight to delhi, that i am on the way to my native country after a long time. they were all together very understanding. when we arrived (after 4.5hours delay) in delhi, i had some very strange emotions going trhough my mind. i was sort of crying at the airport. had to be allone for a couple of minutes. all these people there, the smog (you allmost couldnt see anything) and all this noise.... and than i thought, wow, now you are finaly in your native country, you were born here. what a nice thought. the crew was waiting by the bus, which brought us to the hotel. the captain told me: "take the time you need to arrive here". i was very impressed about the crew and specialy about the captain. after about 15minutes, we went to the hotel. first i slept, cause i didnt feel myself fit. when i woke up, it was dark outside allready... it was a shame, cause i couldnt make any pictures. in delhi, you shouldnt go by your own outside when its dark allready. so i stayed in the hotel. i was sort of disapointed about myself, but i knew, that ill come back in one week.... ...bombay had much less smog than delhi. the flight was ok. but i was such sick, had a strong fever and sore throat, so i slept also the whole day in bombay. thats the reason, why i didnt make any pictures until now. however, im looking forward flying to india again and hopefuly someone gonna join me than to make a city trip either in delhi or bombay. i was very happy, i was there now and how i wrote, it was both time very emotionaly for me. maybe it was also better like this, cause i can now discover my native country step by step. i promise, that the next time ill take some very nice pictures. thanks a lot for your understanding. cheers subal

L.A. 2008-11

;-) well, i love my job. cause thanks that i have the possibility to see some awesome places all over the world;-) i spent 3days in L.A. it was just great. the second day we rent a car and so i could discover the area of long beach, where the hotel is (about 30min from L.A. away). so we went to see hollywood, beverly hills, santa monica and venice beach. the weather was great as well, about 30degrees;-) i must say that i felt very secure driving the car there. the people drive very much like here in switzerland, which is nice either;-) trough Swiss international air lines we could rent the car for only 60dollars for 24h, unlimited km and full insurances;-) however, the area of L.A. is awesome beautiful and im already looking forward flying there again once;-) cheers and see you soon subal

DJERBA 2008-10

Hi everyone;-) wow, the last week passed very quick. it was the first time, i ever booked some all inclusive vacation. which means, that you recive a sort of brasselet at the hotel on the first day. however, these holidays were just amazing. we had the most of time very nice weather and we spend some hours at the beach. the rest of the time we just discovered the country side of that little island by car and we also went one day into the country of tunisia. as you can see allready on the picture, we ride 3 times a hourse, which was awesome, cause we went along the beach and also in the country side. i must say, that tunisia is a beautiful country, even if the people there try to sale everything and they even run after you, if you dont recognize them;-) however, we were just shocked about the weather here in switzerland when we came back, the cold, the snow, just unbelievable.... even if we only had 2weeks vacation this year, i enjoyed it very much and im looking forward to work again;-) hope, you are doing good so far and see you soon;-) cheers

OSLO 2008-10

wow, after one year i now had some vacation again;-) as swiss havent enough people working, we couldnt get any vacatian until now. even if we only have 14!days this year, we went to oslo;-) for claudia it was the first time and we wanted to see my nephew up there;-) so we spent some wonderful days up in oslo and had a fantastic time with the little family, fabien and kati;-) thanks for everything!!i could show claudia the city, cause i have been there now the 4th time. we had a awesome weather the most of time and it was also warmer than here in zrh;-) we are allready looking forward going to oslo again, even if its amazing expensiv;-( however, oslo is gonna be sort of second homebase;-) cheers

TOKIO 2008-10

Hi everyone;-) finaly i had my first longhaul flight. well the destination wasnt that nice but i realy like the longhaul flights. its completely different than the short distances;-) jep, i went to tokio, which was the first time for me i have been there;-) we arrived in the morning, local time after 12.30hours flight. it was quiet long but we could sleep during 3hours in the crew bank, which was very nice eather.... however, the next day i went to tokyo city on my own. i took the train from narita, which is just at the airport. after a 1hour drive by train i arrived in tokyo. i had a map but even then i thought to walk like this trough the city. so i walked during 3.5hours just like this. i saw some nice building but nothing else... so i went back to the hotel. after that day i must say, that tokyo is nothing special for me. i think, you realy have to know, in which places you should go in that big city. the people are very kindly and just easy going;-) however, next time im gonna stay at the hotel in narita and just walking through the park there.. but how i said, i like the longhaul flights very much and im looking allready forward to the next flight;-) cheers


hi everyone;-) i know, its been now a long time ago i wrote the last time in this blog. well, i realy worked a lot in the last few weeks, but now i finaly have 4days off;-) we gonna spend 3days in france just to relax bit and also to see my grandmother.
the best thing ever happend to me this month was, that i became uncle;-) the little kelian (means fighter) was born on the 11.9.08. i was so happy, when i heard this;-) jep, i am now uncle and thats a fantastic feeling. i wanna congratulate my sista and marius for this very special moment and i wish you guys all the best for the future!!! i think, that we gonna go to oslo end of october, but its not sure yet. until then, hope, that everything is doing well so far and im looking forward to see the little sunshine;-)
i wish u all a beautiful time and hopefully we see each other soon;-)

BUDAPEST 2008-07

HEY EVERYONE;-) wow, i think, since im flying around in europe (and soon around the world) im on the best way to descover the earth:-) last friday (19.07.08) claudia and me spoke together about going for 2 days away from here to change bit. so we thought about going to budapest. hmm, i realy wanted to go to the sea, and so i thought, that budapest was just at the sea. however... we booked the flight, no, we wanted to book it.... next day, we knew, that the flight left at 7.50 am. however, we went to the check in, and the woman there told us, that we still didnt have any ticket. we immediatly knew why. hehe, we were only on the passenger list, but we didnt book yet, so we had to go to the operation center (our meeting center before we leave to the airplane to work) and had to make a new ticket. after maybe 10min we had our eticket printed out which was the entrance to our weekend;-) so we went back to the check in and she could checked us in, even the plane were leave in 30min. anyway, we made it. we had our seat even if we were flying standby with our staff discount;-) through our advantage we also could get a 5star hotel for very cheap. however, we had just a great time in budapest. the city was amazing and we enjoyed every moment we had... we went for a sightseeing by bus and than by boat. we were realy like tourists as it should be;-) on the way back home, we already spoke about, which city we still wanna see once, during we are flying both around the world;-) hope, you are doing well so far and again, thanks a lot, that you keep on visiting my blog;-) cheers

ROMA 2008-07

;-) JEP, ITS ME AGAIN;-) last evening, i spent 1 night in roma. for me it was the first time i spent some hours in this beautiful city. well, it wasnt that long, but still i saw the most important places you should have seen, when you are in roma;.-) however, i made some pictures again, just amazing;-) have fun cheers